littering, loitering

a "chance-procedural" sort of happening through a site-specific gastronomical experience

photos by Emirhan Akin

almond sponge-cake, lemon or coffee plastic, & browned butter ash

This spatial research was about a particular space in the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam (northface stairs from the Fedlev building), and how its community interacts around it - it's uses, practices and appropriations. The investigation departs from the perspective of ethnologist Marc Augé and his notion of 'Non-Places' - spaces that usually lack identity, history and meaning.

This transitional space contradicts, at least during winter, the features of a non-place, becoming more of the likes of anthropological places - spaces with value, distinction and culture.

Institutionally overlooked, this space is commonly perceived to meet, hang around, chat, munch, to breakdown emotionally, cry, gossip, etc., leaving traces of what was eaten, smoked or drunk.